Believe the rave reviews! Berkeley Home Repair did an absolutely fantastic job cleaning up & repairing the dangerous mess of old wiring in our nearly 100 year old home (there was some knob and tube stuff in the basement that had probably been down there since the house was originally built!) as well as installing some new electrical in our garage. Damon, Roberto & Trish truly went above and beyond for us and even voluntarily took care of some other things for us which we didn’t know needed fixing. The work was thorough, organized and cleanly done, communication was exceptional, everyone was professional and super friendly. It’s apparent that these really folks understand that the smart way to build a local business is to create strong, positive relationships with their customers. They are honest, transparent, genuine, and stand by their work. Highly, highly recommended!

Dave E. Denver, CO

Being home for nearly half a year due to the COVID pandemic had me itching to take care of all those home repairs/upgrades I’ve been putting off.  I called and spoke with Damon who has a great sense of humor. He fielded my many questions and concerns and thoroughly explained the charges.  I received the estimate and once approved Carlos and his crew of sons came within the week and upgraded our home beautifully! They installed two ceiling fans, changed 4 light fixtures, repaired some bum outlets, removed my microwave and installed a shelf in its place per my request, installed a new garbage disposal switch, added a motion detector light outside of my home, cut a cabinet to add space for my new taller fridge and I have them coming back to install a ceiling fan in the living room. They were efficient, safe and in masks the whole time. They also did a pretty good job cleaning up after themselves and disposing of the old materials i no longer needed. My only suggestion would be to get boot covers for their shoes as an extra safety and sanitary precaution. They changed my outlook on contractors being flakey. I’ll definitely use them for future home repairs and recommend them to my local fam and friends!!

Cianni E. Pinole, CA

We wanted to go from a gas stove to a Electric stove, Damon responded with enthusiasm.  Setting up the time for the Electrician to come and asses the job was easy and all online.  Pricing was perfect. When Pedro arrived (Pedro called to confirm I was home and ready) we went over everything that was going to happen.  It was fast and easy.  Communication was solid from the get go for both Damon and Pedro.  When it comes to clean work, Pedro was a total pro.  The whole job went exactly as planned.  I totally will be rehiring again for future.

Rikki S.Oakland, CA

Berkeley Home Repair came through with a top notch professional installation of a backup Home Manual Transfer Switch and structured cabling enclosure at a very fair price. Damon’s team are Humble, Knowledgable and are absolute diamonds to the local community. I am grateful and thankful for the Berkeley Home Repair experience and I have no hesitation nor reservation in providing a very positive reference for their services.

Geoff B. Corte Madera CA

I had a fan in my master bathroom crap out on me, which was weird, since I only bought my place 4 years ago, it was newly remodeled, & I even remodeled some more on top of that. My wife pointed out it wasn’t working, but it looked new to me, so I popped the cover to find out…not new at all. New COVER over a fan that was a year younger than the missus. Uh oh. The old “lipstick on a pig” boogie from the prior owners/ seller. Damn. Hate getting hoodwinked. So, I think “well, better check the ‘new’ fan in the guest bath too.”  Pop THAT shiny, nice cover & …same drill but even OLDER. Some mid-80’s (I think) giant 13″ circular fan they don’t even make anymore. Double ugh. Last stop: laundry room. Final fan, pop the cover…whew, it’s actually a new-ish fan. 1 outta 3 ain’t bad, right? /sigh. So I put out the feelers for an electrician (I had 2 dead outlets, 1 indoor, 1 outdoor as well) & after doing the “online quote” thing w/ Yelp, I got in touch w/ Damon @ Berkeley Home Repair. Funny dude, super helpful, quick & responsive. He schedules his electrician, Carlitos, to come out ASAP, for what I think is gonna just be a basic fan install & outlet fix job. Nope. Carlitos goes into the attic & discovers the ducts are all wrong. 3 fans running thru 2 ducts, both bathrooms on the same 4″ line, & laundry room on some weird 3″ duct. Now, you can get away with 4″, but 6″ is code & preferred, & every fan has to be on its own dedicated/ independent duct, or you’re just blowing moisture from room to room & into the attic. Not good. We crawl the attic together & confirm I need a 3rd roof penetration & new ducts. So much for cheap & easy. Damn. Damon adjusts the bid (as gently as possible, considering my costs just went up almost 10x) & I wind up with 2 brand new Panasonic Whisper Quiet fans (amazing. Almost TOO quiet), a new roof penetration & cap, new independent 6″ ducts for each fan, an excellent sheetrock patch & paintjob on my guest bath ceiling (prior, old-timey fan was just way too huge compared to current models) AND Carlitos fixed both dead power outlets (one of which turned out to be an arcing short/ broken wire inside the wall, which we were lucky to catch before a fire). All the workers were amazing to work with & did great on their specific parts of the now much larger order. Everyone worked quickly &, despite the gig snowballing far beyond the expected, Damon priced fairly & had the work done as fast as possible with minimal intrusion & inconvenience (crucial during these pandemic “work from home” times). Tho it was obviously a bummer to have a small job turn into a much bigger & more expensive one, I always felt like I was in good hands with Damon, his communication was clear, direct, quick & honest, & the outcome was excellent. I’ll definitely be using Berkeley Home Repair for future work, since homeownership often means nasty surprises like the one I got ain’t all that rare, unfortunately. Heh. At least now I know who to call to get sorted fairly & quickly.  Thanks fellas! Will try to post pics when I get a chance…but most of this was “behind the scenes” work, or what my buddy likes to call “invisible money”, heh.

Adrian M.Oakland, CA

We had a great experience with Damon, Carlos, and the whole team at Berkeley Home Repair. We wanted to reclaim a small corner of a kitchen where an old water heater, long since removed, once stood. Carlos & his team removed a small partial wall, patched up the drywall, removed some old exposed piping, and reflooring the area, all in about four hours. The work was completed to our pre-agreed specifications and at a fair rate. Communication from Damon before & after the job was prompt & clear, and Carlos & his team were friendly & helpful throughout the work day. We appreciated that they covered the floors & furniture in adjacent rooms (not just the kitchen) with plastic sheeting before work began, ensuring barely any dust was left behind after the work was complete. I rarely leave Yelp reviews, but had to submit one for Damon & his team at Berkeley Home Repair. We’ll definitely be using them for future home repairs and I recommend them without reservation.

Mark C. El Cerrito, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Damon, Carlos, Carlitos, and all the other people at Berkeley Home Repair. We had a leaking dishwasher (that lead to an 8ft hole in the floor) 5+ months ago and the original people we hired quit half way through. Damon and his team jumped right in with no problems to finish everything up in a couple weeks. The craftsmanship is great and the service is beyond. They are not the cheapest option, but I had to learn the hard way you get what you pay for. I will be calling them anytime we need repairs in the future.

Samantha G. Hercules, CA

I cannot recommend these guys higher! They get three things right that almost no contractors get right:

1. They quote really thoroughly and within 48 hours of reviewing your project.
2.  They manage the business so well – they send calendar invites to confirm the dates, they check in to see how satisfied you are, constantly ensuring you’re happy with the progress.
3. They do extremely high quality work!

I would work with them again in a heart beat, can’t wait for my next project!

Holly P.  Walnut Creek, CA

Your home repair search is over. I was provided a bid price the same day, and it was a fair and reasonable amount for the work (it’s really not all about lowest bid, as you often get what you pay for). I had a new house breaker panel put in, and Daniel the electrician was a pro. Patient and methodical, he took a mess of wiring we inherited and turned it into a great looking new panel. Daniel took the time to walk me through the process, and was always receptive when I had questions. He stayed until not only the work was done, but completed to my satisfaction. Top work, fair price, dedicated team. I was kept up to date by Damon the owner, and Daniel the electrician. Believe the hype, they ‘re worth it. Damon and his team will be my go-to for future work. Thank you for the service!

Mike W. Richmond, CA

Very honest, diligent, hard working team. It’s nice to have trust and respect from day one with this family-run company. I really enjoyed my interior and exterior painting results so much that I added on more projects that I had planned to do next year. When you find hardworking skilled tradespeople who show up on time and charge honest prices it makes sense to just get a house DONE. Very pleased.

Nicole R.  Santa Monica, CA

I have a  house built in 1926 and I have owned it for 28 years and in that time repair people have come and gone. I have yet found anyone for any length of time that stayed in the area that I wanted back to do additional jobs. I think Berkeley Home Repair with Damon and Daniel are people you can trust, inviting into your home ,to get a job done in a timely and efficient manner. I had ceiling fans and lights installed and they were working with a combination of old and new wiring. What a web of problems they encountered but handled. The finishing work, they covered gaps between ceiling and fan fixtures , the extra stability of the fans, and the way they were able to make them quieter was beyond the average.  I’m very pleased and I’m looking forward to putting together other projects that we can work on.  I had a number of bids for my job, his was not the least expensive, and Damon came across professional, experienced, good references,  I and pleasant to talk with.

Pennie B. Oakland, CA